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Monterey's Diving Headquarters
We are your full service Dive Center
for all your Scuba Diving Needs

245 Foam Street, Monterey, CA 93940
1-831-375-MANTA (6268)

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We Carry Regulators from: Atomic,Aqua Lung, Apollo, Tusa, Poseidon, Dacor. We have Wet Suits from: Xcel, Atlan, Henderson, Dry Suits from: Northern Diver, Mobbys and Atlan. BCB's from: Aqua Lung, Dive Rite, Tusa. Lights from: Ikelite, Underwater Kinetics, and Dive Rite. Diving Computers from: Aeris, Cochron, Suunto, Dive Rite. Cameras by: Iklite. Spearguns by Riffe and J.B.L. Fins by: Apollo(Bio Fins), Atomic(Split Fin), Tusa, and Aqua Lung.  Masks by: Sea Vision, Ocean Master, Tusa, Dacor, Apollo, Aqua Lung, Poseidon. Certification Agencies: P.A.D.I., N.A.U.I., S.D.I., T.D.I., I.A.N.T.D., D.A.N.

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