Dive Conditions

April 5th, 2001

Updated Daily by 11:00am PST

We want to hear from you about your dives. Give us a call (1-888-MANTARAY) or send email with the conditions from where you blew bubbles today. With your feedback we can give YOU and your dive buddies better information about the dive conditions on the Monterey and Carmel bay area.


Dive Conditions for Monterey and Carmel Bay Area:

Del Monte Beach 10-15
Breakwater Beach 10-15
McAbee Beach 15-20
Hopkins 20
Lovers Point Beach 20
Otter Cove Beach 15-20
Coral Street 15-20
Point Pinos (Boat) 5-10
Stillwater Cove (Boat) 5-10
The Pinnacles (Boat) 5-10
East Pinnacle (Boat) 5-10
Butterfly House 5-10
Monastery Beach 5-10
Whaler's Cove at Lobos no report
Point Lobos Beach no report



Flat from Lover's to Breakwater. Wind has let up a lot, slight swell, conditions good.

Please E-mail me and let me post your info. Your E-mail helps to keep this site current, so just drop me a line at scott@mantaraydive.com. Thanks and SAFE DIVING!

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